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About Meer Democratie

Meer Democratie (‘More Democracy’) is a movement campaigning for improving and deepening democracy in the Netherlands and Europe. We want the citizens to be in charge in our democracy.

Our aims are: 

  • the introduction of binding citizen-initiated referendums and popular initiatives (as in Switzerland)
  • introduction of direct elections for mayors, king’s commissioners and the prime minister
  • opening up public appointments for all citizens, not just members of the established political parties (as is the case in the Netherlands now)
  • introduction of a new voting system that ensures parliamentarians have a direct mandate from their voters, and are no longer 'puppets on a string' of their party leaders
  • better rules for petitions and citizen initiatives
  • the introduction of ‘community rights’ (as in the UK) for initiatives who perform public tasks
  • better information rights for citizens
  • a fundamental reform of the European Union

Meer Democratie was launched in the beginning of 2015. However, prior to that its forerunner the Referendum Platform achieved considerable successes with the introduction of referendum and initiative rights in the Netherlands as well (read about them here). We have been a driving force behind the national referendum law that has gone into force on July 1st, 2015 (see English summary here). 

On April 6, 2016, the first citizen-initiated referendum already took place, on the association treaty that the EU wants to conclude with the Ukraine. Read an English language analysis on this referendum here.

We are non-partisan and financed largely by donations from individuals and grants. We are members of Democracy International, the international alliance for direct democracy.


  • Niesco Dubbelboer, director
  • Arjen Nijeboer, campaigner
  • Some 30 volunteers


  • Eisse Kalk, chairman
  • Erik Bout, secretary
  • Matthijs Pontier, treasurer


Meer Democratie
Tolhuisweg 2
1031 CL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 638 0558
Email info@meerdemocratie.nl